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Sunday Players® is a company that is positioning itself to become 'the number one football company in the world.' Sunday Players® manufactures a complete line of performance apparel for players who want to walk the walk and talk the talk. Sunday Players® development and designs were driven by Compression Gear: Sunday Players® moisture management fabric vs. the Competition No competition here. Our garments are made with innovative Meryl® nylon fibers. It outperforms other garments every time. Just look at Meryl's superior stats: Sunday Players® uses revolutionary 30% more absorption capacity and 15% more transport capacity than polyester garments - YOU FEEL DRIER! Sunday Players® compression gear with Meryl® nylon delivers double the abrasion resistance and is stronger than polyester garments - GARMENTS LAST LONGER AND LOOK BETTER LONGER! Sunday Players® compression gear with Meryl® are engineered to fit smoothly and hug your body, retaining its shape use after use - INCREDIBLE PERFORMANCE OTHER GARMENTS ASPIRE TO! Sunday Players® compression gear with Meryl® nylon are extremely breathable and soft - FOCUS ON THE GAME, NOT YOUR GEAR! Sunday Players® compression gear is lightweight, more comfortable, more durable and all-around more competitive than other garments - YOUR COMPETITIVE EDGE! Sunday Players® introduces 'Synergy' this line is hygrid compression built for the extreme workout warrior who's job is never done. The Synergy garments texture elevation structure lifts the fabric from the skin, therefore increasing air circulation for faster dry times, creates air pockets for insulation, and prevents fabric from sticking to the skin. Performance Gear: The Performance Gear is made using a special nylon fabric. Our fabric makes sweat a non-issue. The specially engineered fibers used in our fabrics transport perspiration away from the body to the surface of the garment, where it can evaporate quickly. At the same time, the uniquely shaped fibers provide great breathability, even when wet. The breathability (called air permeability by fabric techies) further enhances the thermoregulatory effect. You stay dry. You stay comfortable. And you have more energy and endurance. That's why. Performance Tee: Sunday Players uses Hydrotec™ Fiber in its performance tees. Our performance tees are designed with an innovative new technology, which provides superior moisture management and comfort. Hydrotec™ Fiber is a proprietary fiber that delivers superior wicking and drying performance.



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